Remote Monitoring

The people at Spacewise have made every effort to ensure that our customers are able to control the integrity of the products which they store in our refrigerated shipping container.

Once the container is packaged and the cooling process has commenced the client might not be able to directly interact with their load for some time. This means that an external system had to be installed to monitor what exactly was happening to the perishable goods as they are being shipped. This helps to ensure both the integrity of the goods stored inside the container as they make their way across country on one of our lorries, but it also works to help ensure that the project is nailed down and that if anything should go wrong Spacewise will be there to deal with any sort of problem no matter how mundane or catastrophic.

All of this is thanks to the ultra-effective Spacewise online remote monitoring system which is used to ensure that when something happens to your load we will now immediately and inform you just as fast. This is a complex information system that works as an effective surveillance and temperature monitoring system using wireless technology implanted into to one of our Spacewise shipping containers. In fact the system has the added benefit of Arcoxia price mercury being constructed with alarm on the monitoring system that will alert us when and if there are any issues with the load while it is in transit or when the actual container has reached its destination for some time.

This sort of monitoring system is what allows the people at Spaceswise to ensure that the effort the make in helping their customers house perishable goods is an ongoing process. This allows us to check up on shipment of things like meats, cakes, and even chemicals, all of which are very susceptible to sudden changes in temperature, and get back to you quickly should there be any problem during the actual delivery. This service allows us to track exactly what state the goods are in after we have calibrated the exact temperature needed to ensure that they stay within the exact range required to keep it in pristine condition. Also this system has the added benefit of alerting the Spacewise team if the integrity of the container has been breached as this will cause a temperature anomaly that we will recognize allowing it to be dealt with quickly and ensuring the integrity of the load itself. ?i????Ni??Ni?? ???i??N? cs Ni???i???????i?? N????i??Ni???i??Ni??N? ?i????Ni?????? ???i??N? ??N? ???i???i?????? ???????????i???i??N?N??????????? ????Ni?? Ni???i???????? ???i???i?????? ???i??Ni?????i???i???? ?i???i??N????i???i??Ni??????

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